Ubuntu updating firefox

Create new profiles with: Now you may create desktop shortcuts / icons / launchers (Gnome: Custom Application Launcher) for each of these Firefox versions with their respective profiles.

Download Firefox from the official Mozilla Firefox page: Download alternative versions (beta, developer edition, nightly) from the official channels page: A 64 bit build is also available in the x86_64 directory of Mozilla’s FTP.

Warning for unexperienced Linux users: stick to the Firefox version included with your Linux distribution!

Firefox can be installed or uninstalled through the package management system (aka.

Look for a file named External programs like Libre Office, Google Chrome, the defunct Adobe reader, … If you want more info about why /opt is the right place to install programs on Linux, check out these two links: Where to install my products on Linux?

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard If you already had a previous Firefox version installed in the /opt directory, remove it with the following command: Many howtos on this subject will tell you to install Firefox pre-versions through Mozilla’s ppa ubuntu-mozilla-daily.

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