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Is it more important to be street smart than book smart?

Have you ever ‘dated up’ or ‘down’ in terms of intelligence?

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (formerly Gunfree): Not as much timely or creative content as the web sites of VPC or HCI.

In fact, much of the information is often out of date.

It’s important to realise that just because someone is book smart – a straight-A student with 5 Ph Ds – doesn’t necessarily mean they street smart – as in having life experience, the emotional intelligence to understand people and generally being able to do more alpha-male type practical things such as heavy lifting and changing light bulbs.Nobody wants to marry ‘an intellectual’, that can’t be relied upon to help out with some DIY.And finally, no amount of education can make him a good person if he is rotten to the core.Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen: My friend Bob Crook is the executive director.Cato Institute: Libertarian think-tank (not the Libertarian Party). Violence Policy Center: Perhaps the most radical (and blatantly radical) of the anti-gun organizations.

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