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Jeanne (Sophie Marceau), plongée dans l’écriture d'un premier roman, constate deschangements mystérieux autour d’elle, et voit son corps se transformer... Troublée, elle découvre chez sa mère une photographie qui la met sur la trace d’unefemme, en Italie.

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Gliding through the corridors of Cinecittà in a series of slippery gowns, Bellucci looks completely at home.Here, starting with her greatest role to date, are the ones who best succeeded.We don’t see Bellucci for almost the entire first half of Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible – which, because the film’s scenes play in reverse order, is the last half of the story.She plays Alex, a pretty Parisian who’s raped at knifepoint then beaten unconscious on her way home from a house party.Until that moment, Irreversible has centred on Alex’s boyfriend Marcus (played by Bellucci’s now-estranged husband Vincent Cassel) and her ex-lover Pierre (Albert Dupontel), as they exact unspeakably violent revenge on the man they believe to have carried out the attack.

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