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I was just a kid, a sales/research assistant and Mike was always there with words of wisdom, and to give me an opportunity to gain experience in production when one arose. Before moving to Bloomberg Radio, Prewitt was the voice of business at Newsradio 88.He and Ray Hoffman, a current business reporter at WCBS, were colleagues at WERE in Cleveland before emigrating to New York.There was no one else I would want writing or on the desk during a crisis.But what I remember more was his wry and subversive sense of humor.I appreciated being able to read the remembrances others had posted.) Thanks so much for providing your site as a resource and forum - even those of us who spent our careers 250 miles to the north remember many of the great people from WCBS.Phil Sirkin Writer/Editor, WEEI, 1974-1979 News Director, WEEI, 1989-1991 PS I saw a reference to the fact that Peggy Noonan mentioned Dick's work at 'EEI in her first book.

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I remember his outstanding writing and editing skills, naturally, as well as his professionalism.

If there is nat sound in heaven - Lou will find it! I commute four days a week from my home in Milford, CT.

" --Bernard Gershon, former WCBS assistant news director - BOB VOSBURGH, 2/24/15. After my less-than-glamorous departure from Newsradio 88, I joined a small foodservice publication in Hackensack, NJ, then moved on to a national B2B trade pub, Supermarket News (at that time owned by Fairchild Publications of Women's Wear Daily fame), then left after 15 years there to assume my present position. I am glad to see you look great and am active with the others.

When I read the book many years ago, I remember thinking how wonderful it was that she specifically included him; he deserved it.

I wasn't overly surprised, though, since a lot of bonds were formed during those years - and everyone loved Dick. I ran into her at a WH correspondent's dinner while she was still working with Rather, many years after we'd last seen each other.

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