Consolidating democracy prerequisites martin henderson aishwarya rai dating

Did these events solve any problem or did they only create a vicious circle of blood-shed, agony, despair, destruction of infrastructure and national set-back in our onward advance to progress?The guns have since been silenced, refugees have been returning home, and people have been trying to rebuild their lives.

Freed or escaped from slavery, our fore-fathers returned for this beautiful and peaceful land to establish a country of free men and women in the 1800s.

Then, in October 2005 Liberians boldly demonstrated their will to bounce back again in a democratic election that produced the first female democratically elected President in Africa – Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

As we gathered in this great Hall today, we should ask ourselves: after 169 years of existence what have we done, what have we achieved, what accomplishment can we make better, what could we tell our fore-parents if they were sitting in this Pavilion today.

You see, it took about a combined 142 year to build Liberia by ourselves without any colonial master.

Then, it took us as little as 10 years to destroy 142 years of hard work. specifically highlighting the word “PROGRESS”, because I see the glass as half-full and optimistic about the future of this country called “LIBERIA.” Some may argue “YES” and some may say “NO”.

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