Chat toilet

“Pooductive” is a free app which lets you connect with individuals or groups of users to chat while you're using the loo.

To leave the group chat, you press “Flush”: The app suffers from the fact that many users, like myself, are probably just looking out of curiosity, and if they logging in on the loo they probably won’t be around for long.

For one, you need to compare not just the price of the fixture, but total costs of the installation.

Remember that you are solving a complicated problem the easy way with an upflush unit.

We are currently working on sorting out some minor details with charities that work in developing countries on hygiene and disease prevention”Think of it as a magic wonderland where ’pooducters’ from around the globe can anonymously meet to enjoy their time of zen, peace and quite together, by conversing, philosophising, playing games and sharing ideas with each other.

You can add friends, have group chats or simply play 1 on 1 games." I approached the appmakers for comment, and they confirmed that the aim is to create an app that would raise both awareness and money for sanitation - and also that the app has received media attention far earlier than they expected.

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